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Blues Hog Sauces

Find all the varieties of Blues Hog sauce here.

Blues Hog Sauce (Half Gallon)

Blues Hog sauce. The original that has won thousands of Grand Championships.

Blues Hog Sauce (Pint Size)

The sauce that has won Hundreds of Competitions for Hundreds of teams!

Blues Hog Sauce (GALLON)

Blues Hog Original, Once you try it you'll need a gallon jug!

Blues Hog (Honey Mustard) BBQ Sauce

Honey sweetn's the mustard twang of this basting sauce.

Blues Hog Smokey Mountain (Gallon)

Blues Hog's new Smokey Mountain sauce is now available in a one gallon size!

Blues Hog Smokey Mountain Sauce (pint)

Blues Hog Smokey Mountain the latest addition to the Blues Hog family with it's unique blend of flavors will liven up your next batch of Que. Smokey sweet with a nice spicy kick.

Blues Hog Tennessee Red (PINT)

Blues Hog Tennessee Red can be used as a marinade or dipping sauce. Great on pulled pork! A Vinegar, tomato, pepper based sauce with deep south influences.

Blues Hog Tennessee Red ( 1/2 gal.)

Award winning Blues Hog Tennessee Red Sauce in the new half gallon size. Vinegar based sweet and spicy sauce. Use as a mop or dipping sauce for pork, chicken or ribs. Contains Apple cider vinegar, white sugar, ketchup, corn syrup, white salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, crushed red pepper and spices. Gluten free.

Blues Hog Tennessee Red (Gallon)

Blues Hog Tennessee Red Is a zippy vinegar tomato and pepper based sauce. Great as a mop or dipping sauce.

Blues Hog Rub (26 oz. jar)

New Larger Size of this famous rub 26oz. Made to go with Blues Hog sauce. Contains Paprika, salt, chili powder, sugar, spices, onion, garlic

Blues Hog Rub (5.5oz.)

Blues Hog Rub is one of our more popular rubs. Sweet with a little chili pepper heat. Good on pork, beef and chicken. Contains paprika, salt, chili powder, sugar, spices, onion & garlic.

Blues Hog Championship Blend (1/2 Gal.)

Blues Hog® Champions’ Blend Barbecue Sauce provides the most sought after flavor profile on the competition circuit and is the secret to serving up Grand Champion Que! Consider this sauce the trifecta as it takes all the great flavors from our existing line and beautifully transforms it into a ready-to-use flavor that is blended to perfection. Champions’ Blend offers that amazing sweet heat, a touch of smoke, and a bit of zest to give you that award-winning bite. Gluten Free

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