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Woods, Wood Pellets & Natural Charcoal

Hardwood Charcoal, Hickory wood, Cherry chunks, Pecan chips, Sasafrass, and other BBQ woods.

Nor Pro Flexible Cutting Board (2 pack)
15" x 11 1/2"
2 cutting boards for the price of one.
Nor Pro Roast /Poultry Lifters

Makes moving roasts and poultry from pan to carving board or from grill to plate.

LCR (Dice Game)

Play with friends while your ribs are cooking. For 3 to 30 players. The more that play the more fun you have.

Brushtech Basting Mop
Cotton mop head with stiff wire and plastic handle. Washable and reusable.
Brushtech Marinade Basting Brush
Pliable bristles with stiff wire and plastic handle. Washable and reusable
Hi - Mountain Jerky Gun Kit

Hi- Mountains Jerky Gun allows you to make your own ground meat jerky, snakin' sticks and breakfast links with the squeeze of a trigger. Comes with three different nozzles: Flat & Round for ground meat jerky and one long round for breakfast links and snakin' sticks.

Weber - Smokey Mt - 22.5
Charcoal grate for Weber 22.5" Smokey Mt
Weber 22.5
22.5" Grate fits Large size Weber Smokey Mt. Cooker
Weber Charcoal Grate 18.5
Charcoal Grate for 18" Weber Smokey Mt cooker
Weber Cooking Grate (18 1/2
Fits Weber 18" Smokey Mt Cookers.
Weber 22.5
Replacement Water pan for 22.5" Weber Smokey Mt Cooker
Brinkmann Drip Bucket

 Stainless steel grease drip bucket 6 1/2" dia. x 5 1/2" height

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