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Chef Williams' marinades, Butcher Injectables, Kosmo Q Injections and marinades.

Butcher BBQ Pink Butcher paper is 18" by 150'. FDA approved and is ideal for cooking and wrapping your beef brisket. Made for BBQ it has a porous surface that allows heat and smoke to penetrate, while keeping in moisture.


Duck Fat cooking spray makes good food Better. Adding a great robust flavor to any meat or veggie. A great way to get crispy skin on chicken. Duck fat has a high heat point  so it's good for searing.


Butcher BBQ 50 CC, metal pistol grip style injector has 2 different needles for different types of meat. Easy to use and clean. Comes with replacement gaskets.


Bird Booster is an easy way to get deep natural flavor without brining. Smoky chipotle flavor adds a nice zip. Gluten free.


Butchers Bird Booster Rotisserie injection is an easier way to get a deep natural flavor and moisture retention in chicken with out the mess of soaking chicken in a brine. It also helps with the problem of over cooking small pieces.  


New from David at Butchers. This is a great new injection for brisket. This is "The New" injection for championship brisket.


Mix with your favorite broth or water to add flavor and moisture into your brisket.


Butcher BBQ's Newest pork injection is packed with the "Flavor we use to get when cooking over an open flame". 3/4's of a cup mixed with 2 cups of water will provide enough injection for 2 - 7lb pork butts.


  Lamberts Sweet Brine O' Mine World Championship Pork Injection is the pork injection used by Sweet Swine O' Mine Championship BBQ Team. Take your pork to the next level. Use as a brine or injection. 


Kosmos Q Pork Injection is a winning formulation that will take your pork to a new level. Mix 3/4 cup of product with 3 cups of liquid for enough to do 2 7lb Pork Butts.


Kosmos Q Reserve Blend Brisket Injection is a proven winning formulation with unparalleled quality that adds flavor and moisture to your beef. 3/4 cup powder and 2 1/2 cups liquid will do 2 14lb. briskets. 


Mix Pork Soak with water or broth and soak Pork butts, chops, ribs and loins for added flavor and moisture.

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