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Now is the time to get rolling with SENIOR Q MONTH!

Have you contacted your governor, mayor, and President Bush yet about proclaiming October as Senior Q Month? Iowa Governor Thomas Vilsack has already signed the first official Senior Q Month proclamation in history, thanks to Mike Tucker of Hawgeyes and the Iowa Barbecue Society. Get your state on board! You can adapt the generic proclamation below for your state, county, city or nation. It is also posted on the Senior Q Month web pages. Put "senior q month" in your search engine to get the link. Governors require advance notice and a draft resolution up to 45 days out. Most state guidelines are online. Go for it before the frost is on the pumpkin! By then it's too late.


A Proclamation by the Governor/Mayor/President of *****

WHEREAS, the Older Americans of our State/City/Nation are valued citizens in our communities; and

WHEREAS, Older Americans represent the best qualities of our Nation; and

WHEREAS, it is important to raise awareness of the importance of our elders' exemplary legacy to Society; and

WHEREAS. Barbecue is part of our cultural heritage, as is the tradition of respecting our elders; and

WHEREAS the [********] Barbecue Society and proprietors of barbecue businesses and barbecue cooking teams throughout our State/City/Nation are people who respect their elders; and

WHEREAS, a meaningful way to honor our elders is to serve them a barbecue breakfast, lunch or dinner, with all the trimmings; and

WHEREAS, serving barbecue to Older Americans throughout our State will raise awareness of the importance of our elders as a national treasure,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, ******, GOVERNOR/MAYOR/PRESIDENT OF THE STATE/CITY/NATION OF ******, do hereby proclaim and recognize the month of October, 2006, as SENIOR Q MONTH. I urge all citizens, to honor the Older Americans in your community by serving them a barbecue meal in a restaurant or in their place of residence, and to take time to visit with them and let them know how much they are respected and appreciated.

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