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Woods, Wood Pellets & Natural Charcoal

Hardwood Charcoal, Hickory wood, Cherry chunks, Pecan chips, Sasafrass, and other BBQ woods.

Butcher BBQ

24"x 150' Pink Butcher Paper, The great new way to wrap your brisket and other meat. Helps keep bark from steaming away. Helps shorten or prevent the "stall" when cooking brisket.

Butcher BBQ Pink Butcher Paper 18

Butcher BBQ Pink Butcher paper is 18" by 150'. FDA approved and is ideal for cooking and wrapping your beef brisket. Made for BBQ it has a porous surface that allows heat and smoke to penetrate, while keeping in moisture.

Butcher BBQ 50 CC Metal Injector

Butcher BBQ 50 CC, metal pistol grip style injector has 2 different needles for different types of meat. Easy to use and clean. Comes with replacement gaskets.

Butcher BBQ Disposable Cutting Boards

Disposable cutting boards are an easy way to keep cook areas clean and sanitary. 18x24" with folding sides to keep food where it belongs. 30 count per box. Holds up to electric knives.

Grill Light Spatula

The Grill light features a stainless steel Spatula with a High Output LED Flashlight that is water resistant and batteries are included.

Grill Mat by Grill Light (set of 2)

Grill Mat turns your grill into a Griddle! A 100% reusable non-stick surface makes for easy clean up. And it's dishwasher safe. Two Grill mats come in each package a 15" Square & a 15" Circle. The thick , durable design leaves perfect grill marks and prevents food from falling through the grill.

Bear Paws Meat Shreaders

Bear Paws allow you to pull, shred, lift, grip & serve all types of meat. Ergonomic grip. Made of heat resistant Nylon material to 475 degrees. Made in the USA. 

Meat Claws (metal)
New "Metal" Meat Claws for shredding pork and handling roasts and poultry.
Nor Pro Flexible Cutting Board (2 pack)
15" x 11 1/2"
2 cutting boards for the price of one.
LCR (Dice Game)

Play with friends while your ribs are cooking. For 3 to 30 players. The more that play the more fun you have.

Brushtech Basting Mop
Cotton mop head with stiff wire and plastic handle. Washable and reusable.
Brushtech Marinade Basting Brush
Pliable bristles with stiff wire and plastic handle. Washable and reusable
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