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Woods, Wood Pellets & Natural Charcoal

Hardwood Charcoal, Hickory wood, Cherry chunks, Pecan chips, Sasafrass, and other BBQ woods.

Weber Lighter Cubes

Light charcoal without lighter fluid. 24 cubes per box.

Weber Poultry Roaster

Makes beer can chicken ezzy-pezzy. Can is held securely and rack has two handles for ease of movement.

Maple Cooking Plank

This 5.25x11.75" Maple plank will add a sweet smokey essence to your grilled fish, pork, lamb or chicken. Soak for 30 minutes in water drain, place food on plank over indirect heat and wait for the sweet smoky flavor to come through. Can be reused.  

Grill Grate 22.5

Grill grate cut to fit 22.5" round kettle type grills. Contains 3-20" x 5.25" Grill grate to fit on top of your existing grate. Includes grill grate tool and instructions.

Grill Grate 18

Grill grates three 13.75" x 5.25" panels lock together to fit all 18" diameter grills. These raised grates made of anodized aluminum provide even heat, flare up protection and perfect sear marks. Specialized Grate tool included. The Grate tool fits between the rails to lift the food instead of scraping the food. 

Grill Grate 13.75

Grill grate two 13.75" x 5.25" interlocking panels create a total grill surface of 10.5" x 13.75" (144 sq. in.).  The raised rails create even heat and perfect sear marks. The Grill Grate also provides flare up protection and juicier meat. The Grate tool spatula is also included in this kit. It's finger style design fits between the rails of the Grill Grate.

Grill Grate 17.375

Grill Grates two 17.375" x 5.25" panels interlock to create a 17.375" x 10.5" (182 sq. in.) raised cooking surface. The raised rails provide flare up protection, even heat control, juicier meat and perfect sear marks. The Amazing Gate tool is also included.

Brushtech 12

Brushtech Wide face, heavy duty BBQ Grill brush has spiral Brass bristles that won't scratch porcelain grates. The long bristles of the brush go between the rods to clean the sides while the short bristles clean the tops of the grates. Has a large comfortable handle for ease of cleaning. 

Brushtech 21

Brushtechs 21" long wide face grill brush has a heavy duty spiral design. Two lengths of brass bristles allow for cleaning both sides and tops of cooking grates. Brass bristles won't scratch porcelain. 21" long handle keeps hands away from the heat. bristles are wrapped in heavy gage wire and won't fall out. 


 Small compact meat injectors that with help add flavor to your cook.


 Durable and strong twine for rapping up your meats.

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