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Blues Hog Sauces, Russ & Franks, Slabs, Horizon, Rufus Teagues BBQ Sauces

The Slabs Competitor

The Competitor comes with one of each of your favorite Slabs rubs and sauces: Perk Up Your Pork 5 lbs, Wow Up Your Cow 5 lbs, Birds and Bones 5 lbs, Kyle Style BBQ Sauce 1 gallon, and Amazing Glaze 1 gallon.

The Slabs Backyarder

The Backyarder comes with one bottle of each of The Slabs rubs and sauces: Perk Up Your Pork 12.5 oz, Wow Up Your Cow 12.5 oz, Birds and Bones 12.5 oz, Kyle Style BBQ Sauce 16 oz, and Amazing Glaze 16 oz.


The Slabs Kyle BBQ Sauce (16 oz.)

The Slabs Kyle Style Sauce is a Smokey Championship Sauce from Kansas City. Good on all styles of BBQ. 

The Slabs

"Shine your Que and Polish your Bones" with Amazing Glaze. This "Finishing" sauce is sweet, savory and has a nice kick at the end.

The Slabs Kyle BBQ Sauce (1 Gal.)

 The Slabs Kyle Style Sauce is a Smokey Championship Sauce from Kansas City. Good on all styles of BBQ. 

Full Boar BBQ

National BBQ News' Award Winner for Best Beef BBQ Sauce! Full Boar BBQ Sweet & Spicy Sauce has the flavors to tackle any meat. A perfect blend of sweet and spicy that will raise the level of any meal. All natural & gluten free

Killer Hogs

The Killer Hogs Competition BBQ team's sauce "Is a perfectly balanced blend of tangy and sweet. With just the level of spice to give your barbecue Killer flavor."

Killer Hogs Vinegar Sauce (18 oz.)

Killer Hogs Vinegar sauce was the First Place Winner for Vinegar sauces at the 2016 Memphis in May World Championships. Inspired by their West Tennessee roots this sauce is sweet 7 tangy with a shot of heat at the end. perfect for when a mediocre sauce just won't cut it.

Killer Hogs BBQ

Killer Hogs BBQ Hot Sauce starts with aged red peppers specially blended with tangy vinegar and hints of garlic to create the best tasting hot sauce around.


Original "It's Just Sauce" is a sweet, tangy sauce that's great for chicken, pork and especially ribs. An award winning sauce with just the right Zip! Gluten Free  

It's Just Sauce Wing Zing (15.5 oz.)

It's Just Sauce's New "Wing Zing" sauce is a tasty blend of spices sure to add some Zing to what ever you put it on. Great on wings, Korean style ribs, chicken, stir fry and anything else you can think of. 


Smokey D's BBQ

Grand Champions King of The Smoker BBQ Contest Smokey D's BBQ's Hot and X-Fiery sauce has great flavor with a big punch of heat. All Natural & Gluten free.

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