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2006 Senior Q

October 14, 2006

First Annual Fountains @ Greenbriar Senior Q Cook-off
Co Sponsored by Morrison’s Senior Dining

Saturday October 14th pre-dawn was a crisp 31degrees. That, however, did not stop Ryan Felty of Midwest Scuba-Que, Linda and Phil Hopkins of Smokin Guns BBQ, Rosemary and Phil Morrow of AM and PM Smokers, Cathy and Tom Gilligan, and Clara and Jon Williams of Second Line Smokin Krewe from crawling out of their warm beds, they were on a mission. That Mission was a one day Senior Q Cookoff at the Fountains at Greenbriar, an independent living, retirement community in Lee’s Summit, MO.

With the first rays of dawn they set up for a day of cooking. When all was set and fires lit, they all joined together for breakfast provided by Morrison’s Senior Dining. After breakfast it was time to get down to business, after all, they were there to cook. Chicken and ribs were seasoned and cared for by the cooks, just as if this were the American Royal or the Jack Daniel’s Cookoff. (Not just enough for a competition, but enough to feed the whole community of over 200 residents).

Soon, many of the residents, enticed by the aroma of BBQ, ventured out into the warm sunlight to visit with the teams and check out what was being prepared for their dinner. The teams were treated to stories of the past. One resident had been stationed in Nice, France as a nurse during WWII, she had met General Patton and years later cared for President Harry S. Truman.  Another had been at the landing of Omaha Beach, and one had been a Lt. Col that had helped plan the D-Day landing. We owe our way of life and freedom to many of these people.

Lunch was delivered right to the teams, and their camaraderie could be witnessed as they all sat together while eating.  All too soon 2:00 pm rolled around, time for first turn-in.  Mark Simmons from the Kansas City Barbeque Society was there to make sure the judging and scoring followed the KCBS rules.  Bill Boyd, Kathryn Hogancamp, Marcia Presley, Marshall Boroughs, Robert Gregor, and Emily Miller, all residents of the Fountains at Greenbriar, were the judges. It was reported that eyes widened at the site of all that meat on their plates, but with mouths watering and remembering their oath to judge fairly they began their task.

It had been a long day and at 3:30 pm, residents and cookers gathered together for the awards ceremony, everyone was eager to see who would take top honors. AM and PM Smokers were awarded 3rd place in chicken, followed by Smokin’ Guns BBQ in 2nd place and first place went to Second Line Smokin Krewe. Ribs were next with Midwest Scuba Que taking 3rd, Second Line Smokin Krewe 2nd and Smokin Guns BBQ taking first. Second Line Smokin Krewe was Reserve Grand Champions with Smokin Guns BBQ being awarded Grand Champion.  The true reward here was the knowledge gained by all team members from the residents who gladly shared apart of their lives.  It is because of theirs lives that we are so blessed today.  May God Bless them ALL!

Jon Williams is the Director of Dining Services for Morrison’s Senior Dining at the Fountains at Greenbriar.

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