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2007 Senior Q

November 11, 2007

Roosevelt Academy and Swamp Boys BBQ
Senior Q 2007

Roosevelt Academy is an ESE public school of choice for 6th - 12th graders, specifically designed to teach and train students with learning disabilities to adapt and excel in society. Swamp Boys BBQ Team is comprised of Rob and Amy Bagby, Tammy Sanders, and Robin Harrison. We have all worked together at Roosevelt Academy for the past 15+ years.

This being our third year participating, I believe the October Senior Q tradition is now ingrained with us. Instead of me reminding our staff and students, they now remind me before I get a chance to bring it up. This in my opinion is terrific, because now I know it will continue on as something our school looks forward to each year.

I contacted the administrator at The Groves Center which is where we have held our past Senior Qs. Speaking on behalf of the residents there, he said they would love to have us. We had been fortunate enough in the past to celebrate Ms. Clara's (a resident) 102nd and 103rd birthdays at Senior Qs, and he suggested we make it into a big celebration to include her 104th, along with the dedication of their new covered patio. Lots of the resident's families would be present, and it seemed like a good time to have a big barbecue luncheon. The date worked for us, so we began the planning.

As in years past, Mrs. Bagby's Culinary Arts classes would fund and prepare the majority of the food through the money they earn at their student-run E Street Grille faculty restaurant. We also had a donation from Roosevelt Farms for the third year in a row, as well as our one anonymous donor. Without everyone's help, this would not be easy to pull off, and we are very appreciative of the support given.

With the family members added in to the resident count, our total servings this year would be around 225, which would make this our largest Senior Q yet. Some of Mrs. Bagby's students prepared the shopping lists and did the shopping, and the others did the prep work. They have had several opportunities to do this before, so making barbecued baked beans and cole slaw from scratch for 225 people was not overwhelming to them. In fact, they welcomed the challenge!

While the students were busy with the side dishes, I went to my favorite family-run local meat market, Mac's Meats, run by brothers Greg and Steve. They have supported us in all of our charitable projects in the past, and this one was no different. They always supply me with the freshest cuts of pork, and at prices that even the mega-marts can't beat. They will always have my business, and they know how to treat their customers' right.

It came time for the big day, and we loaded all of the food - pulled pork, baked beans, cole slaw, and rolls - into the big yellow limousine (school bus) and made the short drive to The Groves Center. The residents and their families were happy to see us, and in no time at all everybody was mingling and having great social interaction. Robin Harrison, Tammy Sanders, Glenda Lucas, and Ron Rizer, along with some kids, did the serving. Birthday cake was cut and served in celebration of Ms. Clara's 104th birthday, and when all was said and done, we all had full bellies, big smiles, and were a little more aware and appreciative of the senior citizens in our lives. We can't wait until next year!

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