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2007 Senior Q

October 13, 2007

Senior Q 2007, The Sunnyview Way
By: Mike Tucker

For the third October in a row, the senior residents of Sunnyview Care facility in Ankeny, Iowa, were treated to a magnificent feast of slow smoked barbeque, along with all the fixins'. Why is this happening, and who is making it happen? The answer is simple. Everyday people who care about senior citizens, and have a strong desire to show it. These people also happen to share a common interest in bbq. Preparing a feast once a year for the seniors is an honor for them. Over the past three years, Senior Q month has also gone National, with projects being done by people all across the USA. People just like us.
Our day began at 7:30am on Saturday, October 13th. It was a calm day, but cloudy, with a slight chance of rain. October is pushing the window for outdoor activities in Iowa. It seems as if summers are too difficult to get the project done though. So, we have just learned to adapt to the weather. Sunnyview has a beautiful facility, for both indoor and outdoor events. This year the staff decided to move it inside. Our group had the smokers fired up and cooking by 8:30am, while the Sunnyview staff was busy doing their set up inside. Seating for 300 was anticipated. A complete menu of brisket, pulled pork, chicken, ribs, and hot dogs for the kids were slowly taking in the smoke. Sides included smoked baked beans and coleslaw. Sunnyview provided drinks and delicious homemade deserts.
At 11:00 am the staff came out for the first request. Some residents needed special processing of their meal. So, we loaded them up with pork and chicken, along with beans. The next round of serving started at 12:00. The parking lot quickly filled with carloads of happy families looking forward to having a bbq with the family members that they cared so much about. By 12:30, the building was full of excitement, and people. The residents were dressed up, and the feast was fully underway. The feast went on for 2 hours. People from infants to residents over 100 years old gathered. One resident demanded ribs, as another woman waited by the door eagerly awaiting her sons arrival. By 2:30 everyone was full, and happy to have spent the afternoon together with loved ones.
So who are these people who care so much, that they would throw a bbq like this at no charge? The list of volunteers at this years event were Fred Horstman (Four Mile Smokin Crew), Darren Warth and Shad Kirton (Absolute Flavors/SmokeyDs), Mike Tucker (TNT Landscaping/HawgeyesBBQ), Lee Booton, Russ Cerniglia (Russ and Franks BBQ Sauce), Steve Burch, and Al Wilhite. This year's event was also fortunate enough to have the Mayor of Ankeny in attendance. Mayor Steve Van Oort was up to his elbows in BBQ Sauce, serving up delicious bbq, all afternoon. And last, but not least, the entire staff of the Sunnyview Care Facility. There was an army of staff on hand to make sure everything ran smoothly. Their attention and concern for the residents was heartwarming. They even had a musician strumming a guitar. Lets not leave out one more important volunteer. Jimmy the therapy dog, along with owner Denise Ortgies. Jimmy made his rounds starting at 1:30. What a perfect ending to the day.
So ends another year of Senior Q for us. If you would like to read more about this amazing, nationwide effort, check out www.hawgeyesbbq.com/seniorq. For me, personally, I walked away with several thoughts. One was about a gentleman I had met last year that was no longer with us. The other was about being at this stage of life. What would you have in your 14x14' room? My final thought was when I headed home. At 12:30 the Sunnyview parking lot was full. When I drove past it again at 4 o'clock it was empty. We'll be back next year.

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