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2010 Senior Q

October 29, 2010

by: Mike Tucker Senior Q 2010

The Iowa BBQ Society, in conjunction with Hawgeyes BBQ, Smokey D's BBQ, and Russ and Franks, served up two great meals at senior facilities this year
The first event was held at Penelope Apartments, a senior housing project. Penelope Apartments is a facility which houses independent seniors. At Penelope, each apartment has a kitchen, bath, and living area. We offered to treat the residents to a BBQ, and they were delighted. Around 80 people came down to the dining area for lunch on a Friday afternoon, October 29. The residents feasted on chicken, pork loin and brisket. Sides, desserts, and beverage were also provided. It was a nice gathering, with a bunch of people meeting their neighbors for the first time. Thanks to Becky Wram for the nice touch on the sides and desserts.
The Iowa BBQ Societies second location was at the Sunnyview Care facility, in Ankeny, Iowa. This marks the 6th year for senior q at this location. Smokey D's did a great job of cooking up the turkey, pulled pork, and brisket, along with sides. Russ and Franks provided gallons of BBQ Sauce, and 4 Mile Fred donated a bunch of pork. An estimated 200-300 people were fed a great meal. Family members came from miles away to visit their loved ones, and enjoy some great BBQ. Sunnyview did a great job on the desserts and beverages.
Every year Senior Q offers its volunteers a chance to experience what life is like at this stage. It also make them aware of the importance of quality, compassionate caregivers. Its not an easy situation, but it is a part of life. Anything we can do to make it a little better, is our responsibility to do. One of the highlights for me was when Sunnyview allowed my dog, Ray, in the doors. He did the meet and greet like a trained professional. The hardest part to think about was the little red buttons at the doors. If you don't push the button before leaving, an alarm goes off, and they bring you back in. I dread the day when I forget that I should push the little red button. Thanks to the great volunteers- Liz Bryant, Mike Tucker, Greg Kuhn, Bob Wenner, Perry Grant, Lew Miller, Lester Davis, Darren Warth, Steve Kirsten, Fred Horstman, Russ Cerniglia, Steve Burch, Andy Cleghorn, Bret Wram, Tom Bunce, John Lengeling, Merisa Lengeling, and Kristen Lengeling.

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