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Butcher BBQ Pork Injection (5 lb.)
5 lb.
Butcher BBQ

Butcher BBQ's Newest pork injection is packed with the "Flavor we use to get when cooking over an open flame". 3/4's of a cup mixed with 2 cups of water will provide enough injection for 2 - 7lb pork butts.

Butcher BBQ
$9.99 Sale $4.99

Butcher BBQ Grilling Oil Honey flavor can be used as a marinade or in place of butter or oil in any type of cooking. No MSG, 0 Grams Trans fat, No refrigeration needed.

Butcher BBQ Grilling Oil
$9.99 Sale $4.99

Butcher BBQ Grilling Oil butter Flavor is an excellent way to add moisture and flavor as you grill or smoke. Use as a marinade before grilling or smoking or as a baste as you cook. can also be used to add flavor to pan fried food. No MSG, 0 grams of trans fat. Allergens: Contains soy.  

Butcher BBQ Grilling Oil
$9.99 Sale $4.99

Butcher BBQ Grilling Oil Steak House blend can be used to marinate either before cooking or while cooking or grilling. Squeeze some on the meat after you flip or if slow smoking baste every 30-45 minutes. MSG Free, 0 grams trans fats. Allergen contains soy. 

Meat Revival Beef Injection & Marinade (12 oz.)
$13.49 Sale $6.99

Meat Revival's Beef Injection is an Award winning blend of ingredients that will take the flavor of your Brisket to a new level. Recommended by 4 Time American Royal Grand Champion Mike Davis of Lotta Bull BBQ. Mix 1/4 cup Meat Revival injection with beef consume and water.

Blues Hog Beef Marinade & Injection (11 oz.)

Created by Legendary Pitmaster  Bill Arnold this injection is used by many Champion Cooks across the country. Mix 1/2 cup dry marinade in 2 cups of water or juice for every 15lbs. of meat.

Blues Hog Pork Marinade & Injection (13oz.)

 Blues Hog Pork Marinade, Injection & soak was created by Legendary Pitmaster Bill Arnold. Add a 1/2 cup of dry marinade to 2 cups of water of juice for every 15 lbs. of meat. Works well on pork, chicken and fish.

Cajun Injector Creole Butter (16 oz.)

Our all time favorite for pork loins. Use this and Obie Q's Sweet Rub for the best pork loin ever!

Cajun Injector Garlic & Herb

Roasted garlic and herb will keep the moisture in your venison roasts

Cajun Injector Hot & Spicy (16 oz.)

Excellent for cajun fried turkey.

Cajun Injector Creole Garlic (16 0z.)

Cajun Injector Creole Garlic is an injectable marinade that will amp up the flavor of any steak or roast to incredible levels. Also excellent on wild game & brisket. 

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